I edit all types of documents and websites to improve their flow and clarity and make sure you get your messages across loud and clear.

Often, what I do is about honing text so that the core messages really shine and clients can be proud of the work that they publish. In other cases, text needs a complete rewrite – almost starting again from scratch.

If you are not sure whether your document requires light editing or substantial rewriting, I am happy to advise.

One area where I have a lot of experience is sensitively editing text written by authors whose first language is not English.

I’m happy to share examples of my work, tailored to your area of interest.

Having worked with Eloise for several years, I can highly recommend her as the person to go to for anything editorial-related. She has worked on my press releases, websites and published papers. She has a unique talent to clarify whatever you’ve said in a more engaging and succinct manner, even when you think you’ve nailed it!
— Architect, London
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