I have written numerous pieces in every type of format, including app content, articles, annual reports, award entries, credentials documents, magazines, newsletters, press releases and websites. 

I’m just as happy writing something based on thorough research as I am writing something based on an interview (or even a few scribbled notes from a client).  

I believe that no subject is too complex to communicate clearly about; corporate writing can always be clear and accessible. That's why I focus on producing writing that targets as wide an audience as possible, while also catering to the needs of any specific industry audience it may have.

I’m happy to share examples of my work, tailored to your area of interest.

Eloise has worked with us a number of times and each time the experience has been exactly the same (thankfully!). She is very quick to understand what we are looking to achieve and always adds value to the briefing process. She has an uncanny ability to turn the most complex and confusing content into extremely clear and very readable copy and finally, she is extremely professional and wonderful to work with.
— New business specialist, London
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